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This Girl Slams Body Shamers By Showing Girls They Should Wear What They Want


Body shaming can start from an early age and become a habit for some people. What these people who criticize don’t realize is that they are doing a terrible discriminatory act. Sara Petty, a 20-year old student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, used Twitter to show that girls shouldn’t be ashamed of wearing what they want to.

After noticing a lot of tweets about women over 200 pounds, saying that they shouldn’t wear certain things, she got angry. These tweets were, of course, not directed to her, but they indirectly told her how she should not wear a bikini, crop tops, booty shorts, or leggings.

Sara decided to make a statement and do the exact opposite of what these tweets were telling her. So, she put these things on and posted these pictures of herself on Twitter. Her caption was: “Girls: Wear whatever the hell you want.”

Petty’s tweet has gone viral, and she received tons of support messages.

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Sara writes about issues affecting millennials for Odyssey, and she also points out that all of these tweets were actually from other women! Her tweet has been retweeted over 72,000 times since she tweeted it on March 8.

‘It’s so sad that all of the tweets are from girls about girls,’ one young woman named Laurita wrote.

1. Booty shorts


Ellaria Sand added: ‘It’s a pity that us women are so unsure of our bodies that we need to criticize anyone who isn’t just to feel better with ourselves.’

Meanwhile, Resa responded: ‘You look beautiful on every single picture up there. What’s wrong with people?’

Sarah is also a member of  CHAARG, an organization that helps college-aged girls develop a passion for health and fitness. She often posts photos of working out or showing off her progress.

2. Bikini


3. Leggings


4. Crop Tops


Hopefully, her message will make women appreciate their bodies more and stop body-shaming.

Source:Sara Petty, boredpanda

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