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Girl Stuns Everyone With Her Cover Of Bohemian Rhapsody On A Public Piano


There are parks around the world where you can find a piano for public use. This is often a lovely source of fun for park goers and sometimes leads to amazing public performances.

This one caught on tape, is one of those performances that can melt your heart, making it dance and stand in awe at the same time. Ariane Racicot from Quebec found one of these pianos in a park one day and decided to put it to good use.

She began quietly at first, and even like that, people could tell she was playing a classic Queen song. And if people guessed immediately, they knew it was ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

We don’t need to say what ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ means for the music world and the world in general. So naturally, people stopped to listen. She played an emotional first act of the song, as she closed her eyes and really felt it. She made heads turn in the second act, and boy could she pull it off.

But then the third part of the song! The passion, the tempo, the intensity! And the art of dialling up the volume on all of this, to reach the final soft, “Nothing really matters to me.”


It’s a shame Freddie couldn’t witness this, but somehow, we have a feeling that it’s something he would be proud of in this chaotic world. And for the rest of you, you always have Ariane’s YouTube channel where you can admire her talent. Her friend, Luc Delorme helped film her and make the video montage. She’s a college student and she’s completely devoted to her music. And the video is so enjoyable and so beautifully made, all we can advise next is to just sit back and click play to the best thing you’ll see today.

Source:Ariane Racicot, tiphero

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