A girl tested these 10 popular beauty hacks – And the results are in!


Here at Metdaan we love the Bright side team, they put their money where their mouth is. We’ve all seen these amazing make up tricks doing the rounds on the internet that promise bigger lashes, longer lasting lipstick or better looking pony tails, so Bright side decided to test them for themselves. Diana, a Bright Side team member volunteered to be guinea pig for the most shared and bizarre make up hacks to see if there’s any truth in them and here are her results.

  1. Dusting baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara will give you longer and thicker lashes

The tutorial says that you’ll get longer and thicker eyelashes if you dust some baby powder over them before using your mascara.

Diana: My eyelashes really did get volume and length, maybe even too much because some of them stuck together. Maybe if you use a clean lash comb to brush and separate your eyelashes, the above-mentioned method of getting a dramatic look will work fine.


2. A layer of cornstarch will mattify your shiny lipstick.

A layer of cornstarch will mattify your shiny lipstick.

Diana: The tutorial suggests we apply a coat of lipstick, and then pat some cornstarch on. In spite of my quite pessimistic expectations, I got the matte effect we were looking for. However, it didn’t feel good on my lips — I could still feel the grainy texture, and it tasted strange too. I wouldn’t use this method on an everyday basis for my beauty routine, yet it might be useful if you’re having a photo shoot, I suppose.


3. Use Scotch tape when applying eyeliner and shadows to get more defined lines.

Use some Scotch tape when applying eyeliner and shadows.

Diana: Roman, our photographer, suggested that I should place some tape on my hand first so that I could avoid irritation and take off the tape more easily. And, I admit, it was a great piece of advice. With the Scotch tape trick, I applied the eyeshadows quickly and achieved a sharp edge. I think it’ll get better with practice. Result: I can recommend this method and will probably use it myself.


4. Use men’s sensitive aftershave balm as a makeup primer.

Use men’s sensitive aftershave balm as a makeup primer.

Diana: Even those beauty experts who have millions of followers on their blogs went crazy about using one popular brand of men’s aftershave balm as a makeup primer. I applied some aftershave balm on one half of my face, a makeup primer on the other half, and a light coat of foundation on my whole face. To tell the truth, I didn’t notice any difference at first, but the balm did smell like alcohol and it came in a bottle without a pump so it was hard to dispense the liquid.
We photographed my makeup after five hours in the office and quite a long walk that involved excessive sun exposure. Both sides of my face looked almost the same, yet the balm side was a little bit more oily. I’m not going to recommend this trick because I’m not sure how aftershave and primer affect our skin. It looks okay, but if aftershave balm works almost as effectively as a primer, maybe we can apply any face cream or moisturizer before we use foundation?


5. You can turn an eye pencil into a liquid eyeliner if you hold it over a flame.

You can turn an eye pencil into a liquid eyeliner if you hold it over a flame.

Diana: Forget about precise and thin lines with this method! The pencil I used melted really quickly, and the lines it drew got thicker. Totally not worth it, from my point of view.


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