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This Girl Tried An Instagram Fitness Challenge And Her Body Changed Big Time!


And it most certainly wasn’t easy.

Tone It Up Girls, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are trainers, with a special skill for training, cheering you on, making themselves #goals in every way. They are extremely fit and picture-perfect all the time (probably), especially because of their cascading curls.

In 2009, Katrina, a personal trainer, and Karena, a sports model, met at a gym in Southern California. From there, a friendship was born, followed by a blog that has since morphed into a comprehensive fitness website, an app, and a community boasting 294,000 members. The duo produce workout videos and lead fitness challenges throughout the year. On top of selling various product lines that include their workout DVDs and nutrition plans, Perfect Fit protein powder, and branded exercise apparel and equipment.

Between their personal Instagram account, @KarenaKatrina, and their brand account @ToneItUp, they have 1.2 million followers.

Tone It Up co-founder Katrina Scott’s transformation.

The Tone It Up site is packed with positive testimonials and comments from devoted followers. They swear they have gained abs, strength and confidence, all through their programs for exercise and nutrition. In 2013, Katrina shared her own transformation, in which she lost over 25 pounds. So one girl decided that she had to be next.


At the age of 25 she decided that exercise should become a part of her every day life. She had to maintain a level of fitness, or her body would atrophy and waste away into nothingness as she put it humorously. She started preparing herself and ran a half-marathon last October.

But it got kind of cold, so she kind of forgot about her new goal. Staying inside, watching Netflix and eating unhealthy food somehow seemed more attractive. That’s usually the case, and you know it. A co-worker told her about Tone It Up, so, since she wanted to be an exercising adult, she volunteered for their workouts.

That’s how she ended up on the somewhat labyrinthine Tone It Up website, where she discovered that Karena and Katrina (or K+K, as they sign off in their frequent email blasts) were starting the 8 Week Challenge to help “make 2016 your best year yet!”

Source:Tone It Up

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