Girl With Special Needs, Age 6, Handcuffed And Detained For Bringing Piece Candy To School With Lunch


A 6-year-old Chicago girl, with special needs, was handcuffed and left underneath the stairs in her school for more than one hour. This horrifying incident happened because the security guard wanted to teach her a lesson. Reportedly, Madisyn Wordlow was handcuffed and left under the stairs for more than an hour near the school’s boilers because she allegedly stole a piece of candy.


After some children at Fernwood Elementary School told the security guard that Madisyn had stolen a piece of candy, he took matters into his own hands.  The security guard, told the little girl, that he was going to teach her a f*king lesson. Madisyn’s mother, Marlena Wordlow has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Board of Education and the security guard for the excessive punishment.


Jeffery Granich, the family’s lawyer, said the school guard, Divelle Yarbrough had used excessive force, false imprisonment and emotional distress. The Chicago Public Schools fired Yarborough and placed a ‘do not hire’ note in his file.

Furthermore Madison’s mother claims the school and the local police have not been helpful since the incident took place. The day she picked up her daughter, she was sweating, crying, and scared. The authorities have not filed any charges against Yarbrough, according to Granich.

Now Wordlow is looking for a new school for Madisyn. The lawyer Jeffrey Granich stated that the Chicago Public School system is responsible for ensuring that this sort of thing never happens again.

Source:Suzanne SirettNY Daily News 

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