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Girlfriend Watches Boyfriend Cheating During An “Audition”


Being a girlfriend, we know what the worst thing that could happen is… being cheated on. Living with doubt, tortures you everyday more and more, so you start trying to figure out stuff by yourself. And when it turns out that you were right, that’s when it hurts the most.

Patrick’s girlfriend was feeling the same way so she decided to test him out. She told him that she got him an audition for a game show that pays big money. Of course he believed it, but little did he know that he’s actually going to be tested when the cameras “stop rolling” and he’s left alone with a smoking hot “game show host”.

His girlfriend was watching everything live, and couldn’t believe what she saw. In the video we can see Patrick getting a little too comfortable with the host, while she’s shamelessly flirting with him.

When the cameras are off, he asks her for her Instagram and when she asks “Who’s the girl in the pictures,” he says “It’s my sister.”

Patrick’s girlfriend can’t believe what she’s watching. The hot host says she’s cold and he starts rubbing her legs to make her feel warm. That crossed the line for sure so after watching this, the girlfriend goes on the set to confront him.

The reaction we get from Patrick is unbelievable as he still asks if he got the part, not caring much that his girlfriend saw everything. On the way out, he still asks the “host” if she’s on for later. Can you believe him?

A lot of people commented on the video, someone said:

“This dude was retarded af, fuggin trying to talk to the girl again, “so… did I get the part”…. idiot”

And another one added:

“I don’t understand why damn some men can’t be faithful while their on the relationship, temptation killing da relationship 100%….. I hate a man who easily flirt back without thinking they already have girlfriend ..”

Well at least, the truth got out. If you want to see the whole sordid show, click down below!

Source:To Catch a Cheater

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