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She Told Him She Shaved His Head And His Reaction Is Priceless


Let me ask you a question: What would you do if you ever discovered that your partner decided to shave their head? Would you have mixed feelings about it? Some second thoughts? Well, that’s a situation that one guy found himself in recently with his girlfriend Amanda. She sent him some pictures of herself, minus most of her hair.

But what the boy didn’t realize was that he was being pranked and Amada used an app to create the balding effect. He didn’t figure out what was happening in the picture, which is what makes the prank even more hilarious.

“I had a balding app on my phone and decided to send a picture of myself using it to my boyfriend, assuming he’d probably know it was a joke,” wrote the prankster. “Well, turns out he didn’t, so I just went with it.”

And wait ’till you see his response.










Poor guy, those minutes before he got a certain confirmation that it was a joke! Well, at least he didn’t immediately run away, right? Few would have the heart to do this to their loved ones, really.

You guys, what would you do if your girlfriend sent you a picture this? Would you freak out? Let us know!


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