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24 Things That All Girls Born In The 90s Will Relate To


We don’t need to tell you that each decade came with its own fashion trends and trends in general. Don’t be shy to admit that you followed the trends of the decades as well!

By far, one of the most interesting decades, when it came to trends, were the 90s, and if you’re a 90s girl, you’ll definitely relate to and remember all these things.

1. Tattoo necklaces and Yin Yang accessories

These basically screamed “My personal style in a nutshell”

24 Things That All Girls Born In The 90s Will Relate To 1

Source: reddit | Chriskrayz

2. Stick-on earrings

You know, the ones you wore before you were allowed to get your ears pierced? And they would always pull your hair out? Yeah, those.

24 Things That All Girls Born In The 90s Will Relate To 2

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3. It was an age where snacking on your jewelry was acceptable


Source: FashoGraphy Scans

4. Dying your hair with Kool-Aid

Darker hair always led to disappointing results though.


Source: Instagram | @nickis***

5. Nothing said “I’m rich and tech-savvy” like the Motorola Razr


Source: eBay

6. The excitement of your first makeup kit


Source: tumblr | jsessiebeauty

7. Long jean skirts

Remember how much you wanted one of these to wear with your platform sandals?


Source: I Heart The Nineties

8. I’m sure you had a sweet Mary Kate and Ashley VHS collection


Source: eBay

9. The topic of all morning locker conversations


Source: EOnline

10. Preteens crushing hard on Jonathan Taylor Thomas


Source: 9 Bandits

11. Teens crushing harder on Mark Walburg


Source: US Weekly

12. Crushing hardest on Jennifer Aniston’s hair if you were anyone


Source: The Telegraph Getty Images

13. Scented erasers

They smelled so good you just felt like eating one of them.


Source: reddit | bluebirdhaze

14. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers collection

You wanted to eat these even more


Source: Racked

15. And who could forget when lip smackers came out with that gloss that your hair would stick to all day?

This one was eaten quite a bit as well.


Source: reddit | BuggSuperstar33

16. After Bonne Bell, it was on to Lip Shades


Source: Twitter | @loyalelectron

17. Slumber parties

The ones where you rented those classic movies from Blockbuster Video while eating ring pops and the then-popular Spice Girls bubble gum.


Source: reddit | JoeyCrakk

18. Tie-die canopy bed

Every girl was dying to have one of these!


Source: Tumblr | millypuppie

19. Isn’t it ironic that the song “Ironic” isn’t even ironic?

Say that three times quickly.


Source: Twitter | @kirstilangen Is This Why I’m Still Single

20. You gotta find somewhere to store these after you’ve bloomed


Source: Twitter | @BriHan92

21. Home Alone was part of the holiday tradition


Source: 20 Century Fox | Express

22. Spice Girls bubble gum, as mentioned several times already


Source: Bustle

23. Just… Spice Girls!


Source: Bustle

24. Once a ’90s kid, always a ’90s kid


Source: Twitter | @MrsJessicatMeow Like Totally 80s

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