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Girl’s College Apartment Crowned The “Filthiest” In The UK, And She Couldn’t Be Prouder


College life can be different for different people. For some, it is a synonym of laziness, for some, it is the best time of their lives and beats high school. The conditions where students live can vary so much throughout the world that is even unbelievable. Here are student apartments from all around the world, but be prepared for the next story about the strangest college apartment of them all. A girl from the UK apparently has the “filthiest: apartment in the UK and she is actually very proud of it. Weird, right?


Being lazy can be good for the brain sometimes, but you can’t let your apartment fall apart while you are out there partying.

Brittani Cooper is a 19-year-old British student studying real estate at the University of The West of England. She also shares her apartment with five other roommates and these six people have turned the apartment into a real nightmare!

The entire apartment is covered in trash cans overflowing with garbage. There are pizza boxes left lying on the floor, and there’s hardly any space to move.


However, believe it or not, this young woman has a very good reason to be proud of living in this dump. When her father saw the state her apartment was in, he did something very few would dare to do. And it was actually worth it.

The discovery began when ran a competition to find ‘Britain’s messiest student apartment’. Brittani’s father encouraged his daughter to enter, but, he had no idea what would happen when she took part.

Here are some of the photographs Brittani submitted to the competition.


After submitting the shocking photographs, the competition execs crowned her and her apartment the winner! Brittani beat 980 other entries and won the $500 prize.

She revealed:

“My dad is now saying he wants to share the money 50/50 with me, but that won’t be happening. I’m going to use it towards decorating my new student house for my second year. I’m aiming to keep my new home a lot cleaner.” spokesperson, Kirsty O’Sullivan had this to say; “It was no easy task to pick just one winner from the students’ submissions to our dirtiest digs competition. In fact, it was tough even looking at some of the pictures.”


See? It’s no good being desperate about your apartment’s mess after all. Think of it like this: there will always be someone with a messier home than you. Plus, you may just end up winning a competition one day!

It actually does not happen only to students. This chaotic video, filmed by a five-year-old, shows a house in total disarray. Mother hiding in a closet and a live chicken on the table are some of the highlights. Check it out below.

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