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Two Girls Outsmart The Guy Who Was Dating Both Of Them At The Same Time


Love can be both adorable and painful. You can be either the fortunate one or the sad one, depending on your own experience. Love can easily turn into poisoned barbs and bitter resentment when it goes wrong, which, unfortunately, it often does. It needs to be cherished and kept alive in order to thrive. However, most of the times, people can take you for granted. One example is this guy who was having a double relationship. Thus, he was dating two women at the same time, but they actually outsmarted him.


When you are young, you often make mistakes, but you are not yet mature and aware of that. Often times, relationships turn sour because the partners cheat and lie to each other. In the end, we learn from each other’s mistakes, hopefully. Matt Lewis was one of the people who just took love for granted.

First, Matt started dating a girl named Georgia on and off for around four years. The pair began officially dating in November last year. However, this is not the interesting part. The plot thickens after a second girl, named Mared, came into the story. This girl, surprisingly, dated Lewis between September and February of the same year. He called her again, and she was somehow suspicious about the whole situation.


The girl also decided to speak to Georgia and tell her the truth. She explained to her over the phone how Matt was planning to date both of them, apparently. She says: “She didn’t know I was still in the picture, she thought I was a crazy ex, and I thought she was a crazy ex. He had made it out like Georgia was a crazy ex but turns out he was seeing her at the same time and they got back in November.”

Next, things start to get interesting. The pair concocted a plan to outsmart him. Mared would be with Lewis at a cocktail bar, and then Georgia would walk in to meet them.

Thus, Mared described the scene on her Facebook post. She said: “Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man. Not enough of a man to two time us and get away with it though. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him so speechless. Romantic evening planned with me tonight, and he thought he was going on a lovely spa weekend with her, little did he know that playing a LAWYER and a JOURNALIST wasn’t really a smart move.


He played us against each other but never suspected that we’d maybe be able to outsmart his little mind. I wish I’d caught his face when he saw her walk in. Priceless.”

Despite this wonderful plan, Matt is the only one who does not seem to care a lot about it. He explained to the Sun: Yes, I started seeing Mared in September, when I was single. And when Georgia came back into the picture I was seeing both. It’s ‘cushioning’. Which many people do as insurance. And the way I see it, I am not married, engaged, in a committed relationship, so I am still single and free to do as I wish.”

Finally, it is an interesting view of relationships, but most would not agree with Matt.


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