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These Little BFFs Claim They’re Twins And It Doesn’t Get Any More Adorable Than This

Credit: Ashley Riggs Sarnicola & Valencia Copeland

The world would definitely be better if we acted more like kids. No, not irresponsible and unaware of the world around us, but in terms of sincerity, like Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland. These two girls are only four years old and are already best friends. Their friendship is very famous at their school. They have a wall there dedicated to how much they love each other.

Credit: Ashley Riggs Sarnicola & Valencia Copeland

And according to the two little girls they are not only BFF’s, they’re twins. No, don’t you dare try to argue with them about their special bond because you will for sure lose.

Ashley Riggs Sarnicola, Jia’s mom tells a story when the girls went to a birthday and one kid tried to dispute their claim. This is how it went:

“They were at a birthday party for a mutual friend, waiting in line to get their faces painted…She was telling a girl’s older sister they were twins, and the girl gave her an odd look and said, ‘You’re not twins.’ My little girl started bawling crying because she truly believes she and Zuri are twins.”

Then, Jia dropped the bomb.

“Another little girl said to her, “there is no way you and Zuri are twins you don’t have the same color skin!” Jia said, “you don’t know anything, we are twins because we have the same birthday and the same soul.”

That’s the truth. End of story!

Even though Jia’s birthday is on June 3rd and Zuri’s on June 5th, they share a party together so that counts.

Zuri’s older sister shared the whole story on Twitter where it immediately went viral with 65,000 likes.

My sister and her bestfriend think that they’re twins because they have the same birthday and this was the outcome..

The post even led to media attention, as the girls were interviewed by ABC News.

People on Twitter immediately started to adore them.

Also, they supported their argument, pointing out that many biological twins don’t share the same skin color.

During an interview with ABC News, the mothers said that they’re so proud of their daughter’s bond. The real reason they go along so well is because they never think about their differences.

“I think that’s one of the nice things about growing up in a multicultural, melting pot city. They don’t see color. We’ve never talked to them about it, period.”

Credit: Ashley Riggs Sarnicola & Valencia Copeland

It’s a big lesson we can learn from these two.

source: tv

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