15 Glasses Hacks For Those Of Us Who Proudly Wear The Name 'Four-Eyes'

15 Glasses Hacks For Those Of Us Who Proudly Wear The Name ‘Four-Eyes’


I’ve worn glasses since I was three years old, so when I say I’ve dealt with any and every issue a bespectacled person can encounter, I’m not making it up.

From misplacing them in the oddest place to having them chewed apart by a dog, I’ve been there. Don’t trust me? Ask Diply. Anyways, here’s a list of some of the most useful hacks I’ve come across over the years. Don your eyeglasses, fellow bespectacled persons, and let’s begin this lesson. Ahem.

1. Stop groping for your glasses in the dark

You’ve knocked your glasses under the bed while trying to find them in the dark? Who hasn’t. But here’s a quick fix – apply some glow-in-the-dark paint or tape and next time you’ll find them. Grope-free.


Source: Reddit

2. Keep your frames from slipping down your nose with eyeshadow primer

So here’s the deal. Primer helps keep eyeshadow from sliding into the creases of your eyelids, so it’s this anti-sliding thing. If you dab a bit on the sides of your nose, it can also keep your frames in place. Score.


3. Remove fine scratches from your lenses with baking soda and car wax

ALWAYS read the warnings first! With that out of the way, clean your lenses thoroughly and then scrub with a baking soda paste. Lastly, buff with car wax to shine them up.


Source: Livestrong

4. An easier solution for spot removal

Who would’ve guessed? Plain white toothpaste can also remove minor scratches from plastic lenses. It’s as easy as rubbing some on with your fingers and then rinse. And baking soda toothpaste works even better!


Source: wikiHow

5. Use shaving cream to prevent fogging

Rub some shaving cream onto the surface of your glasses and then carefully wipe it off. This will leave a light coating that will stop your lenses from getting foggy. Reapply when the effect starts to wear off.


Source: Instagram | @sme9star

6. Keep your frames organized if you want to match them with clothes

And you can be classy while at it. A wooden hanger is perfect for this. Just don’t hang your clothes on top of the glasses of course.


Source: Favim

7. Make your own homemade lens cleaner

Don’t bother with the cost of storebought ones, because you can make your own lens cleaner. All you need is water, rubbing alcohol, and a couple drops of dish soap. Mix the water and rubbing alcohol 3:1. Boom! Don’t believe me? Try it.


Source: Hello Glow

8. Lost your cloth? A coffee filter will do just fine.

Your shirt? I know, I know… But using your shirt can spread dust and body oils onto your lenses, and washcloths leave lint. A coffee filter is a perfect tool for the job. Besides, sometimes it’s fun… He, he, he.


Source: Quickmeme

9. Use a toothpick to hold a broken hinge together

So you lost a hinge screw, but require your glasses in order to drive somewhere to get it replaced. Talk about Catch-22. But rest easy, we have you covered. A toothpick can be used instead of the screw for a temporary fix. Now then… have to hold your eyeglasses with your hand to find that toothpick. God damn it!


Source: Quora

10. An earring also makes a great temporary fix

Just slide the back of the earring through the hole where the missing screw belongs, then press on the back of the earing to secure it in place. This will, of course, depend a lot on the shape of the earring.


Source: Instructables | redplanetcorridor

11. Do screws keep coming loose? Try clear nail polish.

First, tighten the screws, and then dab a bit of polish on top. The polish will prevent them from coming loose again. At least for the time being. If they get loose again – repeat.


Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

12. If the arms of your glasses keep slipping, use hair ties

Use the ones that match the color of your hair or frames. That way no one will even see them behind your ears.


Source: Lifehacker

13. If your spectacles are sitting crooked on you, a flat surface can help

Don’t try randomly adjusting arms and nose pads, since you may actually make the problem worse. Lay the glasses on a flat surface to see exactly which side is causing the problem. Then, proceed to make the spectacles spectacular.


Source: wikiHow

14. Adjust plastic frames with a little hot water

If the arms are too loose or too tight, you can try carefully bending the plastic frames to improve the fit. To do this, run the arms under hot water until the plastic becomes pliable, then carefully bend.


Source: YouTube | hoohoohoblin

15. Nearsighted and misplaced your glasses? Use your phone

Your phone’s camera is amazing. Turn it on and focus on things away from you. The phone is near your face so you can still see farther out.


Source: Reddit | aoisenshi

Well, lesson concluded. Has anyone got more cool hacks for keeping glasses in order? Let me see, raise your hands!

Or tell us about them in the comments, and don’t forget to share these tricks with your bespectacled friends! It will surely help them.

Till next time!

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