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See What Happens When This 10-Year-Old Takes Glasses From A Box And Puts Them On


When you do something constantly, it’s easy to take it for granted. I mean, when have you really thought about colors? Many other people don’t have the luxury to see colors and the beautiful things in life surrounding them, including this 10-year-old, Xavier McCoury. But this pair of glasses, played a big role for this young child.

You won’t believe how much his life changed when his family got him a special pair of black glasses where he can see everything in color. Xavier McCoury’s decade of seeing only shades of grey, white and black, came to an end as he received his early birthday present: Enchroma glasses.

glasses 1

As soon as the boy placed the glasses on his face while Facetiming his family, he started tearing up. In the moment he looks through them, his emotions blow up.

“As a parent, all I want to see is that my kids are happy, and seeing him cry tears of joy was the greatest feeling”, his mom claimed.

“He never wants to take the glasses off now, he’s completely fascinated by everything around him.”

glasses 2

“We brought out several of his favorite things to show him, such as a baseball, a flag and a helmet, because previously he had no idea what they truly looked like.”

Since he is a crazy baseball fan, his family took him to a game followed by a firework display and he couldn’t be any happier. This was for sure an amazing experience for the whole family.

If you want to see Xavier’s reaction, take a tissue and click down below.


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