Glittery Tribal Nail Art By Sveta Sanders

Glittery Tribal Nail Art By Sveta Sanders

Glittery Tribal Nail

Sveta Sanders is a Russian nail artist extraordinaire! She shares her short but nifty videos on YouTube to an audience of more than 50,000 subscribers!

Start off with a base coat. Use translucent nail polish. Continue with a glittery translucent polish on top of the first coat. The glitter should be silver in color. Let it dry out. Apply one more coat using the same nail polish.

Glittery Tribal Nail 1

On a previously acquired stamping plate, paint a black coating on one of the patterns. Sveta uses the Moyou London Nail Art Image Stamping Plate Explorer Collection 24. That particular collection is comprised of tribal designs and patterns. Keep in mind you, this collection is the Moyou London one and not the Moyou Nails! They used to be one company, but now they are a separate brand!

Glittery Tribal Nail 2

Remove the excess of the polish from the plate and use a stamper on top of the design.

Glittery Tribal Nail 3

The pattern will now transfer to the surface of the stamper. Stamp it on top of your nail! Be as careful as possible!

Glittery Tribal Nail 4

Use scotch to remove the remaining of the polish from the sides of your finger nail and cuticles. These little tricks are exactly why I love her videos!

Glittery Tribal Nail 5

You will notice that the outlines of the pattern are black whereas the remaining areas will be glittery silver because of our base coat. Go ahead and polish the silvery circles glittery green!

Glittery Tribal Nail 6

To know exactly which circles I mean please refer to the video. Some parts of the holes in the pattern will be glittery purple. Protect the nail with one more single translucent coat!

Glittery Tribal Nail 7

One of the followers commented: “I really want to see the face behind this amazingness.”

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