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Pink Glossy Lids and Glowing Skin For Summer


Finally it’s that time of the year that we can play up with colors however we want. Glossy and colored eyelids are so trendy right now so today you might want to give them a try. Everything about them screams sexy and edgy.

YouTube channel ArielHopeMakeup has 93K subscribers where creator Ariel shares different kinds of makeup tutorials that people find very helpful. Recently she uploaded a tutorial with pink glossy lids and glowing skin. I have to say, this one is perfect for the summer days. Let’s get started:


YouTuber starts with a moisturizer and then moves on to foundation. She uses concealer and then powder to set everything in place. To add more definition to the face, she contours and uses bronzer and highlighter.

glossy 1


For the eyes, she takes a hot pink color and gets to some serious blending. She goes with the same color under her waterline too and then puts on eyelashes and mascara. To make that amazing eyeshadow even more amazing than it is, she uses the Nyx lid lacquer which makes the lids all shiny and majestic all of a sudden.

I suddenly feel the urge to get me a Nyx lid lacquer.

glossy 2


You have two option for the lips. And honestly, I’d go with the hot pink, while we’re at this whole edgy parade.

glossy 3

To see the whole tutorial in full detail, you can play the video below and follow the process with every step clearly explained. I’m off to find my hot pink eyeshadow now.


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