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“Glow Job” Glittery Mask From Too Faced Is Finally Unveiled


Imagine all your inner girly imagination in one product, and that includes glitter, pink, and a face mask all in one magical product. Well, that’s exactly what Too Faced did with the rather cheekily-named face mask called “Glow Job.”

The co-founder Jerrod Blandino already did the big reveal on November 22 giving a first full look at the product and its benefits.

“I’ve wanted to do a glitter mask for more than 5 years, but the science just wasn’t ready,” he explained. “I’m so happy to tell you that Glow Job is almost here! It’s the most amazing radiance boosting and exfoliating peel-off mask I’ve ever used.”

The product has a baby ink shade infused with real gold.

“It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, and makeup-ready,” Jerrod promised. “And it’s begging for a selfie.”

We were excited for this launch for some time now. To be ore exact, from September when Jerrod shared a black and white video of a woman using the mask. We were guessing for a month until he revealed more “sneak peeks” for us. The product will be landing in December in “super limited” quantities and is officially landing in stores in Spring 2018.

Stay tuned for more news of this amazing product and admire the pictures of the Glow Job mask in action.




Imagine all that glow.


Like a real unicorn.


The mask leaves your face smooth and ready for makeup.


It looks like a whole pink galaxy.


I can’t wait for Spring. I imagine you can’t either, after seeing this.


Source: popsugar

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