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What Going To Ikea With Your Significant Other Feels Like In 10 Stages

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IKEA, other than being a multinational group, headquartered in the Netherlands, is also the greatest dream shopping centre for many couples. The company designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories and it’s the world’s largest furniture retailer. Thousands of couples, married or in a relationship have visited this shopping mania center, and they never get enough of it. If you are planning to make the first visit to IKEA with your significant other, get prepared for some serious truth bombs. You might not be ready for what’s coming, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Shopping can be lots of fun, but IKEA shopping is special, to say the least. Make sure to look at the online catalog first, and see what the stages of IKEA shopping are.

1. Narrowing down the list of your essentials is like buying the cheapest dress for prom.

It is so not easy! Originally, everything you bookmarked was more than what your apartment is worth, so you had to live without that cosy armchair.


2. Ditching your parents’ old furniture and realizing you will fulfill your dreams of finally owning adult furniture.

And the excitement is rising as you are getting ready to make the pilgrimage to Ikea.


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3. You are finally there. You pull into the parking lot, almost hitting someone due to your excited state.

Good thing you didn’t take the kids with you.


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4. You walk into the building and you see them: Cinnamon buns!

You didn’t come for them, but, oh boy, you want them!


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Their scent seduces you and you must try them.

5. You enter the showroom — everything is so pristine and perfectly placed.

You keep thinking your place will never look like this with all the crap lying around.


6. Your partner might point to a teal couch they like.

But you are pretty sure you had agreed on something leather and in a neutral color.

And that’s when the fun begins!


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7. Now you start fighting in front of everyone.

Big secrets come out, like: “Why don’t you ever do the dishes?” or “You’re a hater!”


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8. By the time you make it to the bathroom section, you’re insulting each other in Swedish.

And by that, I mean you’re calling each other by the most insulting-sounding Ikea product names.


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“God, you’re such a huge —”


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“What am I supposed to do? We hardly ever spend time together!”

You may as well be a —”


9. Wait…you suddenly realize this isn’t the place to be fighting right now. You grab the computer desk: the only thing that matters on the list, and go home.


10. Now comes the hardest part, figuring out how to put that desk together…

Did you end up with some extra screws and a stick here and there? Of course you did, happens to the best of us.


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