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How To Create Gold Studs & Leaf Acrylic Nail Design

Gold Studs & Leaf Acrylic Nails

If you are already bored with your nail color or design, don’t despair, grab the acetone as we have something very special waiting for you.

Lately, we are just loving the acrylic nail method since it is so easy to do it yourself at home. YouTuber Tracy is very famous for her nail techniques and designs because everything she creates is oh so very sophisticated.

Today she teaches us how to do gold studs & leaf acrylic nails. She first applies clear acrylic powder on all of her nails in thin layers. For the design, you can use gold leaf or if you don’t have it handy you can simply order it on her website at

gold studs

You take the gold leaf and tear it into smaller pieces and with a brush apply it randomly on to the nails. With other colors you can experiment with different designs. Tracy used a turquoise shade and a lot of gold studs.

The process of making gold studs & leaf acrylic nails

People are going crazy about these ones and you can clearly see that on her YouTube comments:

“Wow, I wish I lived near you. But I’ll be watching you practicing on my own hands. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be checking out that site too. ”

“I am so inspired by your work, keep it up.”

A lot of people were also curious about the practice hand which can be very useful for those who want to get into nails professionally.

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Play the video below to see the whole process.

Source:Tracy Nailz

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