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Golden Eye Makeup, With Some Blue For Good Measure

Golden eyes

Golden eye. When I  hear these two words, only two things pop into my brain. The song by Tina Turner, or the 1995 entry into the James Bond series starring Pierce Brosnan.

Those two things had their time in the spotlight, but for now, let’s focus on another meaning of those two words: golden eye makeup.

You’ve probably encountered this in the past. It’s basically just using a certain golden shade of eyeshadow.

There are many different varieties of golden eye makeup, but one that stood out to us is the one by Liz of Beauty Vixxen.

Easy golden eyes 1

She also was nice enough to include blue eyeliner as a bonus. This makeup look is not that complicated to achieve, but it certainly looks the part.

I don’t know why, but it kinda reminds me of a ritual makeup that Egyptian women would wear thousands of years ago. Take a good look and see what I mean.

Yeah, you see it now? Good.

golden blue makeup 3

One thing that I’m not so happy about, is that when she actually begins the tutorial, most of the makeup is already applied. I’m guessing that’s because this video focuses mostly on the eyes, but we would love to know how she applied everything else so expertly!

Anyway, this is simply applying several shades of shiny, bronze-ish eyeshadow. Then, she applies black liquid liner to the eyelid, and then her false lashes.

It’s finished off with the blue eyeliner on the bottom part of the eye.

The end result is very unique, very Ancient Egypt, like I said.

If you liked the look, you know what you have to do. You don’t have to wear all gold and that strict, straight bob to look like a Egyptian queen. Just follow this tutorial and whatever you wear, you’ll get that subtle pharaoh princess vibe.

Source:Beauty Vixxen

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