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Follow These Simple Steps To Leave A Good Impression When You Meet Somebody


I think it’s pretty clear that most of us want to leave a good impression on somebody when we first meet them. I’m not sure that you know, but there’s a pretty good set of rules that you need to follow just to make sure that you leave the best impression possible, and maybe even continue to talk to the person further down the road after you’ve met them.

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So with that in mind, here’s some advice on how to leave a good first impression and get the people you’re meeting to like you immediately.

1. Active listening

Active listening basically means paying attention to the other person while they’re talking instead of focusing on what you wanted to say next. Instead of saying your thoughts and interrupting the person while they’re speaking, ask insightful questions about the topic, as that way you’ll show off that you’re actually interested in the subject they’re talking about.

2. Let them speak first

Since you’re meeting this person, you should prioritize them and let them do the talking. If you take the stage right away, you’ll show dominance but that won’t help you build trust. Show your respect by letting the person you’re meeting talk first, you’ll be a lot better off.

3. Be genuine

If you want to be likeable, you need to be honest and sincere. Don’t pretend to have feelings, show geniune feelings if someone tells you such a story, and that way you’ll just increase someone’s trust fund towards you.

4. Use positive body language

Positive body language represents an enthusiastic tone in your voice, not having your eyes crossed, and the number one golden million dollar rule: always maintain eye contact.

5. Remember their name

You certainly won’t show any interest if you’re forced to ask the question “Your name was [their name], right?”, so just try to remember the person’s name, and in case you run into them on the street, try not to be me and always say hi to them.

6. Put the phone away

You can’t build trust and respect if you’re checking your Instagram feed while the person’s talking. Don’t hold your phone while the person’s talking, and if you’re glancing at it just to check the time, wear a watch. And even then, checking your watch also sends the wrong message.

7. Make some time for small talk

Many trust builders, such as small talk, can seem a waste of time to people who don’t understand their purpose.

8. Do your homework

If you know who you’re meeting, it’s best to do your research before going out with them. Don’t send them friend requests just yet, just take a look and see what kind of person you’re dealing with. If you learned some extra info, try not to let it slip while you’re talking to them, because then they’ll know you stalked them and you’ll just basically shoot yourself in the knee.

All of these steps will bring you one step closer to being more respected and liked by the person that you’re meeting.


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