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Five Restaurant DOs And DON’Ts From Gordon Ramsay


You might not like his style, but Gordon Ramsay’s skills and influence as a world-class chef cannot be denied. By combining his kitchen knowledge with a certainly unique television presence has made him incredibly rich – Forbes estimated that he made $54 million in 2016 – exactly the same amount as Beyonce. As the magazine explains, although the Scottish chef had already acquired a respectable wealth from his restaurant business, it is the media empire he has built that has skyrocketed him to unprecedented heights in both income and popularity.

“He couldn’t rely on his cooking chops alone – although he did earn double-digit millions from his 25 restaurants, which, between them, have seven Michelin stars. Ramsay had to create a different type of empire: a television one,” the financial paper writes.

“As the producer and star of three hit shows on Fox  – Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef and MasterChef Junior – Ramsay has managed to parlay his chops at the stove to chops in front of the camera.”


Not only is Ramsay said to earn more than $400,000 per episode for each of his television shows, he also licenses cookbooks, kitchen utensils and even a mobile phone game called The Gordon Ramsay Dash. The newest addition to the palette of Gordon’s shows adequately called The F Word and featuring “foodie families” from across the country, premieres in the US on Fox on May the 31st. While promoting his upcoming show, the Scotsman has had a few universal tips to share with restaurant-goers everywhere. And if there is a horse’s mouth in the restaurant business, it must be Gordon Ramsay’s – despite all the profanity frequently pouring out of it.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask a waiter for a recommendation


“It really depends on the restaurants, but servers tend to taste most of the dishes on the menu and can give you insight to what the chef has added or what locals love. Being on the road, I’ve gotten a lot of great recommendations from servers.”

2. Never order the “soup of the day”


Ramsay warns that the soup of the day is the soup of yesterday more frequently than one would expect: “Ask what yesterday’s soup du jour was before today’s special. It may be the case that it’s the soup du month.”

3. Stay at home for Valentine’s day


“Valentine’s day is the worst day of the year to go out. Busy kitchens with tons of diners means you don’t get the true feeling of the restaurant. You should be cooking on Valentine’s. What’s more romantic than a meal cooked for your partner with good bottle of wine?”

4. Say no to well-done steaks


“The problem with over cooking meats is it diminishes the flavor and incredible texture, so listen to the chef’s recommendation or always stick to cooking medium at most.”

5. Always give feedback after your meal, no matter if it’s good or bad


“The customer is king. You are going out for a special night, so if it’s an unsatisfactory experience, take the opportunity to let the staff know so that they can rectify it then and in the future. It’s also just as important to compliment great food and service, so don’t be shy either way.”

H/T: Town and Country Magazine

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