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15 Gorgeous DIY Decoration Ideas For Your Home


Crafting is a wonderful hobby. It can be an amazing outlet for your creativity and imagination. Besides, finishing a crafting project always makes one feel so proud. And the Internet, with sites like Pinterest, is an endless source of inspiration. If you like decorating your home and also enjoy DIY projects, then this list of ideas, compiled by Diply, is perfect for your liking. For more detailed guides, you can follow the links below the images.

1. Blue and white holiday wreath

Make your own holiday wreath! Use a combination of olive greens, paper white flowers, blue thistle, white berries and blue eucalyptus pods. It’s guaranteed to evoke admiration in anyone who sees it!

Source: 100 Layer Cake

2. Faux turquoise rings

Did you know that you can use the nail polish marbling technique for all kinds of surfaces, even creating your own jewelry with it? You can combine any colors, but this faux turquoise looks truly stunning.

Source: Alisa Burke

3. Homemade bath bombs

When you finally come home after a long day at the office, a relaxing bath is exactly the thing you need. And these homemade bath bombs are the bomb! Sorry. But it’s true, they are so good you will decide that having a relaxing bath every day is a great idea.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

4. Paint swatch wall art

If you think your walls are looking a bit dull, then it’s time to add a bit of color! And you can save a lot of money, if, instead of buying an expensive painting, you just create some art on your own. You can even do it with free materials, like paint swatches!

Source: A Beautiful Mess

5. Gradient soap bars

You may think it’s pointless to make your own soap. It’s a complicated process and not really worth your time. But you’re wrong! It’s a great idea: just look at the results! Where else will you get a beautiful soap like this?

Source: A Beautiful Mess

6. Festive hoop wreath

Elegance in simplicity. This wreath is absolutely gorgeous. It’s modern, organic, and very refreshing in its asymmetry.

Source: Camille Styles

7. Painted globe

What a wonderful idea to transform a globe into a work of art. Painting a quote of your choosing on a globe is a very easy project with a fantastic end result.

Source: AKA Design

8. DIY marble art

Everyone can create a work of art with this simple technique. Decorate your walls with it: it is sure to attract the eye of all the guests that visit your house.

Source: Home Made By Carmona

9. Bubbling bath salts

There is no better stress reliever than a bubble bath. If you don’t like the bath bombs, you will definitely love this purplelicious perfection!

Source: Everything Pretty

10. Tissue paper tassel garland

Crafting your own party decorations can be great fun! Add a bit of whimsical flair to your decor with these tissue paper tassel garlands. It’s really simple, and it looks amazing.

Source: Linen, Lace And Love

11. Birdseed ornaments

Decorate the trees and bushes in your yard with these birdseed ornaments. You will have a great time making them, and the birds will have an even greater time eating them!

Source: One Little Project At A Time

12. Beauty and the Beast slime

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think ‘slime’? It’s not ‘pretty,’ is it? Of course not. But slime can actually be pretty when you add a ton of gold glitter and red roses into it!

Source: As The Bunny Hops

13. Stylish acrylic calendar

The more organized your workplace, the greater your productivity. Creating your own acrylic calendar is just one step in the process of designing the office you’ve always wanted.

Source: The House Of Wood

14. DIY funfetti candle

When you see a project that contains the word ‘funfetti’ in the title, you just know it’s a great idea. Craft a colorful candle to decorate your desk or to give as a present.

Source: Mason Jar Breakfast And More

15. Glitter dipped ornament

You know what else you can decorate? Your Christmas ornaments! Why not go for a gold and black combination this year? You can’t go more chic and glamorous than that!

Source: By Stephanie Lynn
From: diply

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