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She Got Rejected By X-Factor, Now She Is A Millionaire


We all love Saturday singing shows. Getting to know all the amazing artists is so much fun, but have you ever wondered what happens to the ones who get rejected? You never hear from them, right?


But actually, what you didn’t know is that not every talent goes to waste. One former X-Factor contestant is now living a millionaire high life, and it turns out she did that without the help from the television network.

You might remember her, Chloe Kahn. She was on the 2010 series of the X-Factor, where she took the stage and was rejected soon after.  Her appearance was unforgettable, with heavy layers of make-up, gigantic false lashes and jeans more distressed than her former schoolteachers. On the second round she got disqualified.

Source:The X Factor UK

Well, Chloe Khan is now rich as hell. So how did that happen?

After her disappointment from X-Factor she decided to become a webcam model. With her huge interest in makeup and fashion, she soon carved a nice little niche for herself in the industry. When she was sure she had enough money, she decided to move from England to L.A. to set up her own modelling company.

Her life definitely changed and now she is living the luxurious life with fast cars, private jets, caviar and champagne. Recently she was romantically attached to Spearmint Rhino CEO John Gray, who is one of the richest men in the adult entertainment industry, but the relationship was short lived.

Source:Chloe Khan

I have to admit, it is really inspiring to see someone coming back from a failure like X-Factor.


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