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The Person Who Announces This Lady’s Pregnancy To Her Mom Is… The GPS In Her Car!


You’ve seen pregnancy reveals all over the internet. They are so heartwarming to watch. The culmination, the reveal, and the reactions that follow. You can’t help but feel that tell-tale lump in your throat, along with a smattering of goosebumps. Even when you know what is going to happen.

But, I’m fairly sure you’ve never seen a pregnancy reveal quite like this before.

In Lakeland, Florida of all the… things that could reveal the pregnancy, in this case, the most unlikely thing did: the GPS system in the baby carrier’s car.

The video starts off with the husband driving, her Mom in the passenger seat, and the daughter/future mother in the back.

gps 1

All of a sudden, the GPS says “Attention all passengers, pardon the interruption.”

Mom and daughter are immediately struck, wondering what is going to happen next.

“Exclamation mark. Due to the baby on board, please be extra careful.”

The (grand)mother’s face is immediately filled with disbelief and excitement.

gps 2

Then it continues, revealing the surprise. “Congratulations, you are a grandmother. P.S. I think you should name your child Siri,” the GPS says, referring to the iPhone’s AI assistant software.

The mother cannot hold her excitement. She screams “Are you serious! Are you serious! Oh my God, are you serious?!” and clutching her daughter’s hand.

The dashcam inside the car thankfully managed to catch every moment. This is truly a one of a kind pregnancy reveal.

I hope these guys won’t mind me borrowing their idea… if I ever have a baby.

Source:Kristina Rosas, littlethings

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