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Parents Hide Pregnancy From Grandma For Nine Months – Watch Her Find Out


Announcing your pregnancy to your relatives is a big deal. You can generally expect hugs, tears and joy. But what if you hid your pregnancy all the way till the end of the ninth month? Do you think the surprise will be bigger or would you receive a scolding? Let’s find out what it was like for this grandma who had no idea her daughter-in-law was pregnant, until a couple of days before the baby was born.

Tannin, 30, and Katie Pease, 26, became famous as the couple from Roy, Utah, who kept Katie’s pregnancy a secret for an unbelievable nine months. Tannin’s mother, Carolin Pease, went to visit the couple on February 19 and realized only then that her daughter-in-law was VERY pregnant. She was expecting her third child. Tannin decided to film the big moment and posted it on Facebook. The post has received more than 16,000 views till now.

The background behind this event makes their decision easier to understand. Katie and Tannin have had pregnancy complications in the past. Therefore, they decided to see how long they could keep the pregnancy a secret. They couldn’t hide the pregnancy from their relatives and friends who saw them on a regular basis, but Tannin’s parents had no way of finding out as they live in Montana. Katie and Tannin decided to surprise Grandma Carolynn with the news when she came to visit.

However, Tannin was skeptical at the beginning, because it looked basically impossible to him. Therefore, the future parents had to be very creative in the nine months lead up. As they were skyping, Katie would hide her bump and show only her face. Tannin’s dad knew about the situation and helped keep the secret.

First, Tannin flew his parents from Montana to celebrate Carolynn’s birthday. Tannin knew she was in for a big surprise. Carolyn then saw the pregnant Katie and couldn’t believe her eyes! She was about to become a grandma for the eleventh time!

“I didn’t really expect to hear anything this soon, especially with the last miscarriage they had, which was traumatic,” Carolynn said. She states for Fox40: “I was just completely floored. I feel really elated because they have a hard time, and I was really excited for them. I thought the whole thing was very thoughtful to surprise me.”
The baby was born on Feb. 20 and they named it Saul. Tannin wrote on his Facebook profile: “Thank you to everyone who helped out over the last few days and those who helped with the secret!”

Watch the big reveal here!

Video Credit: Tannin Pease / Facebook


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