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81-Year-Old Grandma Becomes Internet Sensation After Granddaughter Puts Makeup On Her


Croatian makeup artist and beauty blogger Tea Flego has demonstrated to the world that makeup can indeed make you look two decades younger, and without looking tacky, too! The 33-year-old who lives in the city of Pula in Istria, the largest peninsula on the Adriatic Sea, has more than 139,000 followers on her Instagram profile, but even more attention is coming her way nowadays after she used her lovable grandma as a makeup model.

Tea, who is a regular contributor to our own Metdaan Youtube channel, considers her grandmother Livia Mulac her second mother. The 81-year-old lady raised Tea together with her single mom, who also used to work as a makeup artist back in the day. Livia, who lives in the city of Split on the Dalmatian Coast, used to be little Tea’s first makeup model and she would sit patiently while her grandchild practiced. Then, some eight years ago, Tea started doing makeup professionally.

The 33-year-old spoke exclusively to Metdaan about how her grandmother Livia, now also widely known as Glam-Ma, became a viral star.

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“Last year I decided to take fifty before and after pics of Livia with and without makeup, just for fun,” Tea explains “I posted a collage to Instagram and it went viral. I didn’t expect it since that wasn’t my plan, but all of a sudden the world’s largest media outlets were sharing the photos of my grandma. She even made it to Good Morning America!”

Although she lives in Pula now, the 33-year-old is a native of Split where her grandmother resides in a retirement community. Tea regularly visits her favorite model in her hometown and says that Glam-Ma’s roommates can’t help but admire her looks when the makeup routine is done.

She told us of Livia’s delight when she discovered she was a global star.

“My grandma does not understand how the internet works, but when I showed her magazines with her pictures on their pages she was thrilled. ‘Oh my, my picture’s in a magazine?!’ She was really proud of herself, but even prouder of me, since she knows makeup is my everything,” the Dalmatian makeup artist says.

Speaking to Croatian daily newspaper 24Sata, Glam-Ma spoke about the surreal experience of becoming globally known in the ninth decade of her life.

“Tea was fiddling with makeup ever since she was a little girl and I have now lived to see her doing my makeup and sending pictures of it around the world. I do feel like a movie star! I especially like the fake eyelashes. They can be a little heavy sometimes, but I love them nonetheless,” Ms. Mulac confessed.

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Facebook is, understandably, buzzing at this heartwarming story, with many users commenting how moved they were.

“At least when we’re old and wrinkly we know we can still look glam…  😍 rockin’ them eyebrows”, Sinead O’Rourke wrote.

Another user going by the name of Anne Bitz said: “She is so cute 😊 beauty and having fun knows no age. You should be more concerned about older people and give them a wonderful day.”

And speaking about what is the most important thing she took away from the whole experience, Tea Flego identified the power of makeup in bringing the universal beauty every woman carries inside to the fore.

“Every single woman is beautiful, and with a little bit of imagination, that beauty can show on a woman’s face. I love it when a client leaves my studio with a broad smile on her face and when she realizes how beautiful she is,” the 33-year-old beauty blogger says.

Check out Glam-Ma’s incredible transformation that makes her look three decades younger in the video.

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