Grandma Who Invited The Wrong Teen For Thanksgiving Does It Again

Grandma Who Invited The Wrong Teen For Thanksgiving Does It Again


“I know what you did last year” he he. So let’s do it again, but this time not by accident! And so, accidental grandma and nephew celebrated Thanksgiving again.


It all started with sending a text to the wrong number. (Boy, do I wish this was the rule, and not the exception.) Last year, seventeen-year-old Arizonian Jamal Hinton suddenly found his phone beeping for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t his friends – it was people he didn’t know. Accidentally, he got looped into a group text with strangers.

The text message was sent to him and two unknown numbers and included an invitation to Thanksgiving. Scratching his head, Hinton asked who they were and what the hell was actually going on. Imagine his surprise when the other person simply responded with: “Your grandma.”

Here’s the hilarious exchange:


And so it was that the faith in humanity got restored! But wait, that wasn’t the end of it.

This year, Hinton shared new Thanksgiving selfies with his newfound grandma – her name is Wanda Dench!


Big smiles all around!


Grandma said: “It was really nice having everybody here. We got to laugh about last year and reminisce about how it all blew up on our phone and how I had to change my number. We had a laugh and a good time.”

Well, they’re obviously having a great time, and I also hope they had some tasty turkey!


See you next year guys!

Source: 9gag

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