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Granddaughter Gives Grandparents A Photoshoot Present For Their 63 Years Of Marriage


Love is probably the strongest force out there, still surviving all the bad things happening in the world. Couples endure unimaginable things together, being married for decades and decades. Celebrating their anniversaries are special events for them, and they are never short of ideas to surprise themselves. This man had a family surprise ceremony to renew the vows on the anniversary day with his wife in the sweetest possible way. Wanda and Joe, on the other hand, had the sweetest photoshoot to celebrate a remarkable 63-year-lasting marriage.

Ever since she was a kid, wedding photographer Shalyn Nelson wanted to have a marriage like her grandparents. A long, loving and a committed one. In November 2014, her wish came true. She did a photo shoot with her Papaw Joe Ray and Mamaw Billie Wanda to celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary on their ranch in Jewett, Texas. It is the most cherished places for them.

Although Wanda and Joe got married in 1952, they are still just as in love now as they were back then. The photos show the passing of time, but the power of eternal love.


They met in 1950 when Joe saw Wanda walking down the street.


He stopped his car and asked her for a date. Then, she accepted, and the rest is history.


Soon, he proposed and she couldn’t refuse, he was so charming.


The pictures are also part of a project called Love, The Nelsons, which Shalyn started so as to celebrate old love.


As a part of the project, Shalyn asked her grandparents to write love letters to each other.


Here are bits of the letters.

“The years have gone by fast. One morning you just wake up and you are OLD. Anyway, I wouldn’t trade them for all the gold in Alaska.”


“We had 3 great kids and lots of fun raising them. Most of the time. I wish that we could bring back some of those days.”


“Anyway, I will close this letter to you saying I love you as much today as the day I married you”


Recently, Papaw’s health has been worsening. But, luckily, the doctors took great care of him and his health is now under control. Nelson explained that the photos from 2014 were posted on BuzzFeed, and she was pleasantly surprised.


“This man means the world to me,” she wrote on her Instagram account.


“So when I saw that BuzzFeed featured my grandparents on their blog, my heart swelled. The timing could not be more perfect.”



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