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A Couple’s Reaction When They Find Out They’re Going To Be Grandparents

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Finding out that you’re going to have a baby is one of the best feelings ever. Just the idea of a little mini-you running around the house and getting to raise your very own child is overwhelming. After the initial excitement wears off, then it’s time to tell the family and reveal the joy to everyone. So, that’s exactly what this young mother wanted to do and she decided to share the news with her husband’s parents – that they’re going to be grandparents in the best way possible.

The video went immediately viral and you will have to see for yourself just how it all plays out.


She set up the wall covered with baby gear, onesies, baby themed bags and a piece of paper where the due date is written on it. She knew this would be the best way to share the big news.

Mother-soon-to-be hid the camera in the corner of the room and ran back to her house calling them on the phone. It was time to tell them that they were going to be grandparents.


Even though the grandma is confused by the items on her wall, it all starts to make sense soon enough. She begins to scream and her husband walks into the room concerned by the loud noise.

He starts to dance around because this was the moment they all had been waiting for. grandparents3

Judging by their reaction, it is more than clear that this baby is going to be loved deeply. What a blessing!

Watch the video below to see the adorable surprise.

Source:Justin Hall

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