A Great Man Makes Place In His Heart For Two Beautiful Ladies

A Great Man Makes Place In His Heart For Two Beautiful Ladies

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“It takes a great man to love a child that is not biologically his the way he does.”
Way back in 2007, Janna gave birth to Jayda. She was raising her as a single mother.
One day, Janna was shoveling the snow from her driveway when a very thoughtful gentleman stopped to ask if she needed any help.
His name was Clifton.
This was the beginning of a relationship that was to forever change the lives of Janna and Jayda.
Jayda almost instantly connected with Clifton on a deeper level. Since her daughter seemed quite comfortable with Clifton, Janna was falling for him even more on a daily basis.
It was Christmas Eve 2013 when Jayda felt the urge to address Clifton as ‘dad’. She asked her mom for permission to do so. It wasn’t long before Clifton proposed.
Fast forwards to January 2016, the family was stricken with terrible news. Jayda’s biological father had died from natural causes.

To help Jayda overcome the period and clear away her mind from worries, Janna and Clifton decided to take her away to Clearwater, Florida.
“The sand and ocean water tend to take all worries and pain away,” Janna told LittleThings.
Later that weekend, Clifton and Jayda went out for a walk. When they came back, Jayda was visibly in good spirits. Her mom had no idea why.
The vacation passed and the wedding day came.
After Clifton and Jenna said their vows, Clifton asked Janna to step aside and make room for Jayda. Janna was shocked! She wasn’t expecting that move!
“My heart dropped!” Janna told LittleThings. “The only people he told about this were the best man, the pastor, the DJ and the photographer.”
Clifton decided that he would say his vows for Jayda too.


“I just want you to know, that there are a lot of things that happen in life that you don’t understand…” said Clifton.
“I want you to know that I will always love you, I will always protect you. I will help your mother to raise you to be a beautiful young lady just like herself,” he added.
Then, he turned around to face the ring bearer, took a ring in his hand and placed it on Jayda’s finger.


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