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Then And Now: Today’s Greatest Stars

justin bieber

We can never get enough of these ‘Then & Now’ montages. There’s something really satisfying into looking at the greatest stars of today when they were young and… regular.

It sort of keeps you in this perpetual feeling of hope that you still have tomorrow to have better hair, better teeth and  a glistening movie career. Or a full stadium in front of you with people singing your songs.

Okay, that’s a joke.

The point is, we’re used to looking at stars being their perfect selves. Looking at old pictures of them when they were young, buck-toothed and bushy-browed is super-entertaining.

Can you believe Megan Fox as a child? The most perfect brows in Hollywood? So cute. And Kristen Stewart may be the hottest Woody Allen muse right now, but she looked almost like a cute boy when she was a kid.

Check out this video to see some more of your favorite people to watch when they were just like you and me.


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