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Woman Who Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Gives Birth In A Grocery Store And Inspires Photoshoot


The unexpected delivery of a Canadian woman who gave birth in the bathroom of a grocery store resulted in an adorable supermarket-themed photoshoot which has captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

Ashleigh Miller-Cross of Halifax, Nova Scotia was unaware she was pregnant while she was shopping at Atlantic Superstore – a Canadian chain supermarket – as she had given birth only ten months prior. When she felt something very unusual was happening, the mom headed straight for the lavatory, where she soon realized she was giving birth.

When assistant manager Martin Comeau heard screams coming from the bathroom, he immediately rushed to Miller-Cross’s side; by that time, nature has already taken its course: “I opened the door and Ashleigh was there and the baby was halfway out,” Comeau told CBC. With the manager’s help, Miller-Cross gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom she named Ezra.

The extraordinary story inspired photographer Jen Matchett of Branches Photography to get in touch with the young mother and propose a grocery store-themed newborn shoot to which Ashleigh gladly agreed.


Ashleigh Miller-Cross had no idea she was pregnant only minutes before she gave birth to her son Ezra in a supermarket bathroom


Miller-Cross had given birth to daughter Mia just 10 months before the extraordinary event


Miller-Cross told CBC she ‘really had no idea,’ she was pregnant with Ezra, as she had just given birth to daughter Mia 10 months prior, and simply remained the same size after the birth.

Jen Matchett, who runs a portrait and wedding photography studio in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, offered the young family a free newborn photoshoot with a supermarket theme upon hearing the tale.

“The idea for the grocery basket shot came to mind right away!” Matchett told HuffPost. “As soon as I heard from Miller-Cross, we booked the session, and I went to the store to borrow a basket!”

At that point in time, Ezra was just two weeks old, and the photographer says he was a ‘dream’ to work with. “He was a very content baby, with dreamy smiles when sleeping, and happy alert eyes when awake!” Matchett said.

The resulting photos show Ezra cozily relaxing in a green Atlantic Superstore basket, surrounded by grocery items and looking content.


The idea of newborn Ezra as a star of a grocery store-themed photoshoot came to photographer Jen Matchett immediately upon hearing the incredible story


Kyle Cross (left), Ashleigh Miller-Cross (center), and their first-born Mia Cross (right) are thankful for the outpouring of support for newborn Ezra and their family


Matchett said that Ezra, who was calm and smiling throughout, was a sheer joy to photograph


Newborn Ezra with his older sister Mia

The offerings of love and support the Miller-Crosses received have been tremendous, and include a year’s supply of free diapers from Ezra’s birthplace – Atlantic Superstore.

“I hope people smile when they see the photos and wish the family well when they hear the story,” Jen Matchett said.

Ashleigh and her husband Kyle Cross told CBC that they wanted to “thank everybody who has offered support”.


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