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This Groom’s Gesture Of Declaring Vows To Two Women Shocked Everyone Present


Imagine you are at a wedding and suddenly everyone stops to stare at the groom giving vows to two different women! How could this be? Don’t worry. The bride did not pass out because the other woman…

Was her daughter. So, how come the groom gives vows both to his future wife and to his future daughter?

Meet the coolest groom that vowed to both of these beautiful ladies. The couple Janna and Cliffton said ‘yes’ at a beautiful ceremony in Clarksville, Ohio on June 4, 2016, but their story was more than unusual.

This was their love story. Janna Lamb met Cliffton while she was shoveling snow out of her doorway one day. Cliffton offered to help her, which she obviously needed. Then, they both hit it off and started a passionate relationship.


The couple soon became infatuated with each other and their relationship culminated into a marriage. However, it so happened that there was another woman involved in the story. She was also very important to Cliffton as much as his future wife.

Jayda is Janna’s daughter from her previous relationship. Cliffton embraced the situation of having to be the future father to Jayda, and had no problems with it. As a matter of fact, Jayda felt so important to him, that he had to prepare something very special to her on the day of the wedding.


Cliffton stopped the ceremony and surprised the little girl to everyone’s shock. But very soon one could see tears rolling down their cheeks and it’s no wonder their Facebook post went viral. Commenters from all over the world said that they almost cried at the gesture Cliffton did.

You can watch the whole video below and see if you manage not to cry. We we’re kind of chopping onions here.

Source:Clifton Lamb, goodfullness

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