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Chit-Chat GRWM And Trying New Makeup With Shannon

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Today we will be getting ready with Shaaanxo! This is not just a regular GRWM, but a chit-chat one. Meaning that Shannon will be talking a lot more than your regular makeup blogger.

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While filming, she tested numerous new makeup products that she hadn’t used until then. Her idea was to try out as many as possible in a little over 26 minutes, so check out the video to see the results (you will find the full product list in the video description).

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Shannon is a industrious New Zealand beauty blogger who is followed by over 2,8 million subscribers on Youtube. She uploads new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, many of which she dedicates to personal and real-life topics.

Subscribe to her channel for regular updates ranging from makeup tutorials for people who wear glasses, to funny voicovers and bloopers/outtakes videos.

Let’s get to Shannon’s GRWM video now!


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