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Constable Elliot, New Zealand’s Guinea Pig Policeman Given A Hero’s Funeral


Constable Elliot, the little guinea pig mascot of the New Zealand Police passed away after “a short battle with illness,” it was announced last week. Initially a family pet of one of the New Zealand Police’s media team, Constable Elliot quickly rose up the ranks and achieved nationwide fame by raising awareness about road crossing and safe driving around schools.

In an emotional Facebook post, the New Zealand police announced Elliot’s passing on August the 20th at the age of four and a half years.

“He is greatly missed by his Wellington family, especially his eight and six-year-old humans, who loved to care for and play with him. He will also be missed by his police family, who he enjoyed working for over the last year, spreading prevention messaging about crossing roads, safer driving and avoiding burglaries.

“He was a chilled-out, relaxed little fella who would curl up in a ball on your lap like a cat, but was brave enough to face up to bigger animals thinking he was a dog. Four feet in heaven – we will miss you little guy,” the post reads.

Tributes for the Wellington constable quickly poured on Twitter from all across the country, with thousands of New Zealanders paying their respects.

“I hope his funeral will feature a 21 carrot salute. Rest well, constable,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Stand down, Constable Elliott. End of shift, little dude. Blessed be and thank you for your service,” was another message.

Elliot was laid to rest with full honors, wearing a full police uniform including a vest and cap. Rest in peace, Constable.

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