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You Should Steer Clear Off A Guy If He Has One Of These 14 Habits

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Let’s picture the situation: you have found a man in your life. You are extremely happy, you are certain that he’s the man for you, and you’re just eagerly waiting for him to pop the question.

Well, if the guy in your life has these 15 habits, be prepared to say no when he does pop the question.

1. Narrow-minded

Narrow-minded essentially means a guy that puts restrictions on everything you do, and often asks too many questions when you go out with someone else such as “Do I know them?”, “Are they good?”, “Do they ask questions about me?”. Think of it as a guy that’s like a big, overprotective parent, but also a boyfriend/fiancee.

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2. Hates animals

Simply put, a guy that hates animals is an animal himself. If he’s allergic, then that can be forgiven, but if he actually hates animals, then it’s a no-no.

If you have to choose between a guy that hates animals and your pet, choose your pet, always.

A Picture Is Missing ! You Should Steer Clear Of A Guy If He Has One Of These 15 Habits 2

3. He doesn’t care about relationship rules

All relationships have their own rules, but if your man is more concerned about breaking them than sticking to them, then there’s no point in carrying on the relationship.


4. Breaks promises

If he keeps on breaking promises he’s made to you, he’s basically trying to make a fool out of you, and disrespecting you with that.


5. Secondary treatment

A relationship is all about giving and receiving. If you’re the one putting in all the effort, while he isn’t doing anything it will just be miserable. There’s no point in continuing the relationship if the man doesn’t want to cooperate.

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6. He doesn’t have moments of epiphany

He thinks that every single decision, regardless of how big and little it is, is absolutely perfect, well thought and can’t lead to something going wrong, and you’ll be forced to accept that too. He will never realize his mistakes so he’s not worth it.


7. So many excuses

Excuses are the best way of saying “I have something more important to do and you do not matter to me” End of story.


8. He keeps the fights going

Fights in relationships are good and sometimes healthy, but if they are neverending than there will be no commitment.


9. Killing conversations

This is basically saying “I don’t care about your feelings or what you have to say”, because whenever you want to start talking about something, he always interrupts and starts his own story.


10. Liar

No matter what happens, your man can’t lie. The link between a guy and a girl is made with mutual trust and respect. If you can’t trust him, what’s the point of dating him?


11. Тоо clingy

If he won’t let you go about your daily chores and business, then he’s not worth keeping. It’s not normal for an adult to be very clingy and both of you will need a decent amount of personal space.


12. Doesn’t want a family, but you do

If you have different ideas about how you want things to develop after you get married, and no compromise can be made, then no.


13. Immature affairs

Immature, cutting people off even in short arguments, and just in general showing signs of immaturity. These are not good traits for a man to have.


14. Abusive

Love knows nothing about violence, no matter if it is physical or emotional. Run far away from a guy who is abusive and violent!

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Have any more types of guys that all girls should stay away from to share? Share them in the comments!

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