This Guy Is Handling His Girlfriend’s Anxiety In The Cutest Possible Way


Mental illnesses are taking a huge part of our living population and the numbers are still rising. The numbers grow, but luckily, advocates who either suffer from something like this, or their friends or families are starting to open up and share their experiences.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million Americans aged 18 or older suffer from anxiety. Also, around half of the population diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with some form of anxiety, like OCD, PTSD, phobias, and Panic Disorder. The stigmatized society that we live in makes for this attitude. However, Chris and Callie are a living proof that you can have a wonderful relationship even though you’re struggling with a mental illness.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

It is more than obvious that our society needs to come together and offer support to these people who are struggling on a daily basis.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

Callie Amelia Theodore is one of those people who lives with anxiety. A few weeks ago, she posted on Facebook to show her difficulties that come with her disorder.

She also showed how sometimes the simplest actions can make a world of difference, and these include her relationship.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

She started her post with a quote from Thought Catalogue:

“Someone with anxiety is inclined to assume everyone is going to leave. The truth is they battle something they can’t control and there is a sense of insecurity within themselves when it comes to relationships.”


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

“They know it’s difficult and they don’t want to burden you with their irrational thoughts and worries. So instead, they try to push you away before you get the chance to leave yourself.”

Also, Carrie shared two images, one of her and her boyfriend, Chris, and another of a text conversation between them. People will most likely dump you after a message like this one, or they might assume you are acting crazy. But Chris is a special boyfriend.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

Sadly, people will probably not bother with their partner’s insecurities and fears. They will most likely abandon them before it gets too tough.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

However, Callie and Chris are proof love is worth fighting for, despite the partners’ sensitivity.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

“It’s hard loving someone who suffers from anxiety. They will be over sensitive, they will make up scenarios in their head causing an argument, and constant reassurance is needed,” Callie writes in her post.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

Also, she adds: “Find yourself someone who doesn’t make you feel like loving you is a job.”


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

“Someone who will assure you of the little things. Find someone that no matter how hard you push them, they do not leave.”


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

In the end of her post she adds a YouTube link. The link leads to a video Chris made outlining his personal struggle with depression and how mental illness is something that remains severely misunderstood.

“It’s okay not to be okay, and a big part of that is having a strong team around you,” he says.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

So far, Callie’s post has almost 70,000 reactions, more than 42,000 comments, and nearly 148,000 shares.


Source: Facebook | Callie Amelia Theodore

It’s impossible to know what life has to offer for these two love birds, but it is evident they are ready to cope with it.


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