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Guy Makes Homemade Hot Tub Out Of Paddling Pool And Trampoline Frame And He Gets A New Job


How many times have you struggled to find a simple DIY on Pinterest? The results? Realizing that you are far from a DIY talent. There are so many “easy” hacks out there, but none seem to work particularly for you. Some are quite practical, though, like these, if you want your place to look posh and glamorous. But if you just want to relax in a hot tub outdoors, you need to follow this boy’s DIY instincts. All you will ever need is a paddling pool, trampoline frame, and a lot of enthusiasm! I warn you, it’s not going to work if you are procrastinating all the time.

When we dare to dream of a few sweltering hot days, full of ice cream, beer and sunbathing, rain is probably coming for 10 weeks straight. But if we lower our expectations to paddling pools, or room temperature beer, then sometimes we can end up being pleasantly surprised. Ready to take your paddling pool to the next level?

Steve Grogan, from Redditch, used a trampoline and some wood to create a homemade, heated and filtered hot tub.


Steve had a weekend off, so he decided to work alongside his five-year-old daughter.

“We had the paddling pool up one hot day and it just looked rubbish sat in the corner on its own, so I was thinking of a way to tidy it up,” Steve told LADbible. “By chance I had an 8ft trampoline frame in the garden so thought I’d try using that and it was the perfect fit.”


“I bought some wood and had some old polycarbonate sheets that I used for the roof.”

Interestingly, he had no perfect plan whatsoever, but was going with the flow. After he got all the wood around the frame, he fitted the lights, some blinds and made a roof. It looked neat and cool.


Eventually, he installed the heater and filter, meaning it can be used all year round and stay clean.


When you think about it, a basic hot tub might cost you thousands, but this cost Steve just £200. Not bad at all!


Steve said: “I had the frame from the trampoline and the sheets from the roof already. The pool was £25 and the wood was around £70; the main money was spent on the heater, the filter and bubble machine which came to around £100. So it came to just under £200 all in with the lighting at £10. The lighting is all set up to work off my phone so can turn them on and off from my iPhone. On the finished picture you can see it has a TV and sky box in the top corner, too.”


Do you secretly wish for him to build one for you as well? I know I am for sure!

“I originally do double glazing repairs, got my own Facebook page SG Glass, but since posted these pictures on a DIY page and getting offers I’m going to do it full time,” he said.


“I’ve been and seen a few customers already and priced up a few, so the orders are coming in fast. I literally have a six month waiting list already it’s gone mad.”

Wow! He even got himself a freelance job! He deserves it, to be honest.

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