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The Sad Context Of The Story With The Guy Who Punched A Kangaroo


In case you haven’t heard yet, the most Australian thing ever has gone viral. A guy punched a kangaroo in order to save his dog. The world laughed, but the story behind this turned out to be not that funny at all.

The Mirror reported that the video was actually filmed by hunters in June, in Condobolin, New South Wales, Australia. Everything was organized by strangers, so they could help Kailem Barwick, a 19-year-old who was dying of cancer.

The man who punched the violent kangaroo was actually Greig Tonkins, the zookeper who accompanied Kailem on his last hunt.

Kailem who passed away recently, was diagnosed with sarcoma earlier in the year. His dream was to catch a ‘one-tonner’, which is the jargon for a 220-pound boar.

This is what Kailem wrote on Facebook after people arranged the expedition for him:

“I just wanted this opportunity to express my gratitude for the kindness of strangers to help me with a dream I have in catching a tonner boar with my dogs.

It wasn’t long before I met up with a real good bunch of blokes a young fella like myself could ever ask for. They came from all over the countryside. Greig Tonks from my home town of Dubbo.”


Kailem managed to accomplish another dream before he passed on, marrying his childhood sweetheart Brandi-Lee Wadwellon on November 27.

Brandi-Lee wrote that if she should give one piece of advice from her time with her husband, it would be to hold on.

“Hold on to hope and hold on to every special memory you have.”

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