This Guy Transforms Himself Into Disney Princesses And He Got Skills


Speaking to the Daily Mail, Richard Schaefer explains how he started doing his Disney princess transformations. He was always quite androgynous and was bullied at school for his weight, escaping under the veil and into the world of of Ariel, allowed him to explore and expand his talent. “Curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to transform myself into my favorite princess — Ariel, who I have loved since I was a child. I was pleasantly surprised at how convincing I looked so I decided to stick at it and try different princesses too.”

He now has collected or made more than 40 costumes and 30 wigs so he can create a plethora of princesses.

Each transformation takes two hours, and he has learned special makeup techniques to perfect the Disney, Doe-eyed, animated look.

With hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram he’s a cosplay hit and a natural

Check out his transformations for yourself.





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