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This Guy Travels The World With His Dog


Dogs know their way to get into our hearts and this happened when Kelly Lund of Denver, brought Loki a husky/ arctic wolf/malmute mix home in 2012. Since that moment, he knew he had a special creature that he was going to spend time with.

Growing up, Lund got into the dog’s world and figured out he was different. The dog had a special connection with the owner, so he decided he never wanted to leave the dog behind in the house. This was later to be found, the best idea ever.

It began a journey where Loki had visited most of the Western United States by his first birthday. Lucky dog, don’t you say? Here are some amazing places Loki has been, and also some breathtaking pictures. Check them out.

Well Kelly, let me give you some advice. 📷cred: @tomparkr

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Going to the woods is going home. @tentree

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