Gwen Stefani And Her Children Certainly Killed It At The Kids’ Choice Awards


On March 11, 2017, the Kids’ Choice Awards took place at the Galen Center in LA. As usual for this very entertaining event, a lot of celebrities attended with their children tagging along.

One that stood out to us is Gwen Stefani, who also brought her children Apollo, Kingston and Zuma.

Gwen Stefani And Her Children Certainly Killed It At The Kids' Choice Awards 1

The 47-year-old singer rose to popularity with No Doubt, that excellent band whose lyrics we knew by heart in the ’90s. “Hollaback Girl” is one of her three songs that contributed to her rise to prominence. She has also collaborated with other musicians, like Eminem in his slightly obscure single, Kings Never Die.

She kicked off by walking the red carpet solo, but then her sons joined her as she changed into a green slime-inspired outfit as you see here.


She was also brandishing the fashion statement smartphone of the year, the iPhone 7 Plus in Rose Gold. It didn’t match her outfit that much, but it still looked good, as it usually happens with iPhones.


Her children had quite interesting outfits, two of them being all black, and one dressed in a tiger pattern shirt. This was of course expected, because Gwen dressed them uber-cool since the day they were born.


We’re still wondering how Gwen Stefani manages to look this good at the age of 46. Who knows, maybe she found Gilgamesh’s herb of youth that was stolen by the serpent, if you’ve read that book. I’m sure you have.


That’s one cool family.


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