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These 16 Hacks Will Make Your Flying Experience More Bearable


Almost every human being likes traveling, right? Everyone wishes to visit a historic heritage site, a famous touristic attraction, a sophisticated art museum or some prominent castles. Or, simply go sunbathing on a famous beach. Yes, yes, yes. But, can I simply be magically teleported to my final destination, please? It would be cool if you were able to avoid the exhausting process of packing for the plane, going to the airport and all those procedures. Not to mention that flying can be super-expensive.

Don’t despair. The following list of ideas, courtesy of Diply, will save you some time and money.

1. Beyoncé was right: to the left, to the left!

Have you ever noticed that the left line at the airport is sometimes shorter? More of us are right-handed, so automatically we go to the right. Thank you, Queen Bey!


Source: Instagram | @sotc_holiday

2. Book plane tickets for the middle of the week

The day you choose to book a flight can make a great difference in your ticket price. Whenever possible, book your flight at the beginning or the middle of the week, since that’s the time when the tickets are the cheapest.


Source: Instagram | @thealexmaxx

3. BYOB, as long as the bottles are under 3.4 ounces

Long-hour flight ahead of you and you can’t really afford to buy a decent beverage on the plane since they can be ridiculously expensive. Well, now you know. You will save some money by taking miniature bottles of booze on a plane next time.


Source: Instagram | @ferndog5000

4. Check out the seat map beforehand

Most major airlines allow you to view Seat Availability for flights, so take a look at these charts before booking and compare the seat map for that airline and aircraft on


Source: gHacks Technology News

5. Bring food on board and save a ton

Yes, there is a variety of foods and snacks that you can actually bring on board. From now on, whenever you take a flight, bring your own food in order to save a lot of money.



Source: A House In The Hills

6. Pack that variety of snacks in a tackle box

Look at that pretty neat and genius box. Instead of spending money on the plane, take a little bit of everything in this magic box.


Source: Leafy Tree Tops

7. Use an old sunglasses case or a pencil box to pack chargers

The plane can actually land by the time you untangle your headphones, let along listen to some music. To avoid this annoying process, pack all the chargers and the headphones in your sunglasses case next time. Pretty practical.


Source: Gurl

8. Wear bulky stuff on the plane to save room in your suitcase

Not only you will have some extra room in your suitcase, but you will be also prepared for cold weather.


Source: Instagram | @letthellordbewithu

9. Bring an extension cord for the airport

For all you know, the flight might get canceled. So save the day and and be everyone’s favorite person.



Source: Instagram | @dudequilter

10. Weigh luggage at home and be prepared

Remember that one time that you had to throw away your jacket, or your heavy shoes? Next time be prepared and check the luggage’s weight at home instead.


Source: Instagram | @norrskenet

11. Get a colorful, patterned, or distinctive suitcase

At the airport, there are hundreds of suitcases and almost all of them so similar. Avoid confusion and panic and get yourself a distinctive suitcase. Neon color or a zebra design will do.


Source: Instagram | @myrto_kazi

12. Bring an empty reusable water bottle to the airport and fill it up there

This will save you a lot of money every time you take a flight. If you don’t want to drink tap water, you can buy a bottle with a built-in filter.


Source: Instagram | @shirins_bubble

13. Clear your cache to avoid targeted and more expensive advertising

Clear your history after a cheap flight search in order to make sure you get the newest affordable options.


Source: Make a Meme

14. Put a ‘fragile’ tag on your luggage and get special treatment

How many times have you had your suitcase damaged? Or, even worse, you have found your souvenirs smashed. Label your suitcase ‘fragile’ and have it properly handled.


Source: Matador Network

15. Entertain the kiddos for at least half the flight with fun, colorful window clings

Not only your child… you will also have some fun!


Source: Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner

16. If you tend to get nauseous, opt for a morning flight

Plus, you should hydrate all the time and take a sit near the wing, since that’s where there is less turbulence.


Here are some additional travel hacks that will make your trip more enjoyable.

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