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Hacks On How To Avoid Foundation Flashback


Now here is the thing: you apply your everyday makeup routine, you check yourself in the mirror, everything looks perfectly fine and then you go out with your bestie and make a photo of yourselves using a flashlight and when you check the photo you see a white or faaaar lighter face than your actual skin color!! That is called foundation flashback my darling and it looks funny!

But don’t worry, there is solution to this problem! And here is the famous vlogger, Wayne Goss, to teach you how to avoid the white face and be the pretty princess with the smooth face and natural look in the photos!

The problem causing ingredient, believe it or not is the SPF, which is found in almost every foundation these days. However here is the savior Wayne explaining the exact reasons and solutions to this problem! Check out the video and you will chose your products more wisely next time!

Source:Wayne Goss

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