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You Probably Didn’t Know All These Conditioner Hacks Before


Almost everywhere we look on the internet, there are going to be some new hacks. And don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining because hacks make our life a lot easier. They help us in some situations, always showing us the easy way to do something.


Some of the hacks below stem from products we didn’t know that had other uses.

I mean, did you know that you could also use your conditioner for unclogging your drains?


Here you have 13 unexpected and handy tips you should definitely try at home. You’re going to love them!

1. Shaving Cream


If you are out of shaving cream, you can always use conditioner to keep your legs looking nice, smooth and fresh!

2. An End to Squeaks


Conditioner works well as WD-40 too.

3. Removing a Bandage


If you got a bandage that is painful to remove, rub the edges with some conditioner and it will peel of easily and without pain.

4. DIY Dry Clean Your Delicates


Fill your sink with room temperature water and then add a tablespoon of conditioner. Place your delicate, rinse and hang to dry.

5. Remove Your Stuck Ring


If your ring won’t come off then use some conditioner at the base of your finger below the ring.¬†Simple!

6. Shine Stainless Steel


You can put a little bit of conditioner on a cloth to shine up your stainless steel in minutes.

7. Moisturize Your Bath


When you take a bath, it often can leave your skin dry. So drop some conditioner into your bath water and help your skin moisture.

8. Unclog a Drain


You can easily unclog your drain with this magical product.

9. Prevent Rust


Apply a thin layer of conditioner to prevent rust on your tools.

10. Unshrink Clothing


This might not work every time but it’s worth trying. Dissolve a tablespoon of the product in warm water and place your shrunken item into the water until it is fully soaked and softened. Try gently to stretch the item back to it’s original size.

11. DIY Dryer Sheet


To soften up your clothes, dampen a washcloth with some conditioner, toss it into the dryer with your clothes and they will be lovely in no time.

12. Fabric Freshener Spray


Place one part conditioner to nine parts of water and pour into a spray bottle.

13. DIY Cuticle Cream


Rub some of it on your cuticles to soften them before you cut or push them back.

Did you guys know these amazing hacks?


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