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The Best Hacks For Your Favorite Summer Skirts And Dresses


Summer is finally here ladies and gents, and it is time to get those dresses and skirts out of the closets and onto your sexy bodies. To maximize the enjoyment of wearing those pieces you have longed for during the long winter. while minimizing any possible annoyance caused by weather or design, here is the best summer advice for wearing skirts and dresses in existence.

The Marilyn Monroe

One of the most common issues about wearing skirts in the summer is having it fly up and leave you exposed when a big gust of wind comes along. The exhibitionist in you might actually like it, but if you don’t plan on singing Happy Birthday, Mr. President anytime soon, there are some hacks that can prevent your dress from being affected by winds.



One such involves spare change and fashion tape. Simply place a nickel or a dime along the hemline of your skirt/dress, and secure it with fashion tape. The hemline will hide the coin and the weight will weigh down your dress and prevent it from flying up.



Another option is to attach little weights or washers to your dress’ inside. Don’t be afraid to get creative – as long as you don’t make it super obvious from the outside, nobody will have a clue about what’s going on underneath.


Source:Wedding Bells

If you don’t wanna get all DIY and prefer simple solutions, just wear a pair of small, tiny shorts underneath. They might save you an awkward situation and if you pair them nicely, it can even appear like a cool fashion choice.


Source:Sandi Pointe

As an added bonus, wearing shorts will also prevent that super annoying chafing from occurring. Even the biggest summer lovers aren’t looking forward to that!


Source:Coffin Kitsch

Strapless dress + bra

Strapless dresses do look pretty, but there’s nothing worse than trying to deal with a bra that just won’t stay in place.

One permanent way to deal with it would be sewing a discount bra to the inside of your dress. This way, you won’t have to tug at your dress all night long.



Occasionally you’ll come across a dress with straps so elaborate, it will seem impossible to pair it with any bra – that’s where the sticky bra comes in. You can fall back on the comfort of this garment anytime you decide to wear something that’s too baggy, cuts a bit low, or has no back.


Source: Sandi Pointe | Instagram | @namastehannah

Riding a bike

You don’t have to choose between riding a bike and wearing a dress on a summer day anymore because there’s a way to have both! Simply take an elastic and a coin. Wrap the back, lower part of your dress around the coin, secure it with an elastic at the front and you’re all set.


Source:Total Women’s Cycling


If you’re trying to decide on a dress to keep you cool in the heat, always opt for cotton instead of polyester. Cotton dresses will really allow your body to breath during those scathing summer days and nights, whereas polyester will not.


Source: Instagram | @studio149

If you’re looking for a bit of versatility in your wardrobe, try adding a button-down top or a sweater to your dress for some new flair.


Source:Extra Petite

Don’t be afraid to turn your dress into a skirt or vice versa. If you have a dress with the right cut and fabric, there’s nothing easier than this transformation that will make you look adorable.


Source:Nifty Thrifty Goodwill

Fashion tape can be a lifesaver in so many situations. If you find that the straps on your dress keep slipping down your shoulders, even the tiniest piece of tape can hold them in place and save you a lot of nerves and hassle.


Source: Pinterest | Cat Lofgren

You can also use the magical fashion tape to keep the fabric around your cleavage under control and prevent unwanted accidents.


Source: Instagram | @am_meyers

Having a dress that tends to cling is super annoying. One of the possible methods to getting rid of that static is spraying your dress with some hairspray.



Applying lotion to your hands and rubbing it on your legs near the static is another great solution, and value is added by the fact that your legs will be moisturized too!



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