Hailie Scott Mathers Has Grown To Be A Fine Young Lady!

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Is A Class Act Young Lady At 21!


Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers has grown to be a beautiful, smart and self-fulfilled child of a famous parent! She is the first child of best-selling US artist of the 2000s, raper Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known for his stage name, Eminem.

Her mom is Kimberly Anne “Kim” Scott, and her and Eminem had Hailie in 1995, making Hailie 21 years old today! Eminem and Kim had an on and off relationship throughout the years, marrying and divorcing twice.


I remember me and my friends listening to Eminem back in the days when we were kids. His lyrical prowess and musical talent really took the world by storm.
Many of the issues he tackled in his lyrics were of social nature, including the poverty, gender roles, family dynamics etc.
The reason why I am writing all this is just to remind you of a beautiful song Eminem wrote about the love he has for his daughter, titled Hailie’s Song.

Mondays 😴

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It’s just one instance of the many where he mentioned his daughter, but this one stands as the ode to Hailie.
In a nutshell, the lyrics tell of Eminem’s undying adoration and love for his daughter, since he feels her existence gave meaning to his life.
We’ve seen a lot of photos of him holding his daughter when she was little, but the photos of her today tell the story of a well-groomed, fine young lady. She turned into a beautiful swan!

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She graduated from her school in Clinton, Michigan, back in 2014 and in her graduating speech she thanked both of her parents for their unrelenting support and love throughout the years.
“My mother and father… have given me all the support to achieve what I have,” said Hailie. She said that they were “most influential during my lifetime.”

Couldn’t have asked for a better 21st birthday celebration (or a better guy to have by my side)

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It was reported that now she is Michigan State University, her major being psychology.

You will not be able to spot her as much on social media, since she shuns away from the spotlight, however some of her Instagram photos show that she is truly a class act lady!


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