Get Your Hair Done In High Up Knots With Miss Yvonne

Get Your Hair Done In High Up Knots With Miss Yvonne


The twenty-year old, Ohio born beauty blogger Ify Yvonne is one to watch out for!

She created her channel back in 2007 and gave her mind and soul into it throughout the years, gathering more than 51,000 subscribers.

Miss Yvonne is here when it comes to makeup tutorials, fashion advice or her Get Ready With Me’s. Being of mixed decent, I sometimes struggle to find appropriate beauty content. I feel like Ify is one of the few whom I can trust.
So, the moment I stumbled on this particular video I had to share.

We will be first doing the Double Top Knot with this lady!

You are going to need a pack of the Isis Definition Braids. Split your hair and tie it into two upper tails, one on each side.
Apply some hair gel over your baby hairs, and comb them back in place if you wish to do so. Or you can just style them to your preference.

yvonne 1Take the two Isis tails and tie them one on each side. Twist them around your initial ponytails and create big voluminous buns from them! Fasten them with bobby pins so they stay put!

01 (Small)Second, we are going over to the Half Up Top Knot!

Split your hair into two sections, one of them being the frontal part along with the crown, the rest being all the remaining hair going to the back.

yvonne 3You are going to need a wig to crochet to your natural hair. You are going to need one or two packs for the back section, depending on how big you want to go!

Measure how much of a portion of crochet net you need to cover the back of your head.

yvonne 4First, crochet the hair to the crochet net and reinforce the edges with another piece of weaving cap. Sew on the wig clips around the perimeter.

Fasten the wig right at the parting.

yvonne 5

Source:Ify Yvonne

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