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Fifteen Easy DIY Hair Hacks You Gotta Know


The best DIY hair hacks are those for which you already have all the ingredients at your disposal. This tutorial embodies the essentials – easy and doable. It’s got fifteen hacks that can dramatically improve your hair, the material for most of which you definitely have lying around the house somewhere.

So check out the video below to find out:

1. The easiest way to do a chic french twist

Easy DIY Hair Hacks 1

2. How to make your hair look thicker with hair-coloring powder

Easy DIY Hair Hacks 2

3. How to put an old mascara brush to good use

Easy DIY Hair Hacks 3

4. The hair repair properties of vinegar

Easy DIY Hair Hacks 4

5. How to curl your hair with aluminium foil

Easy DIY Hair Hacks 5

6. The easiest way to finally master the art of the fishtail braid

Easy DIY Hair Hacks 6

7. How to do highlighting using a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution

Easy DIY Hair Hacks 8

8. How to make your neck more elegant and graceful when wearing dresses and updos

Easy DIY Hair Hacks 8

…and much more. Find out the rest of these super hair hacks in the video. One step closer to #hairgoals!

Source:MakeupWearables Hairstyles

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