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5 Hair Hacks Every Girl Need To Know

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Here are five hair hacks by Sidney Parupsky that you really ought to know. All of them are super-simple and more importantly, quick. They are literally one-minute hacks, but the effects they have will do wonders for your hair and self-confidence.

Let’s get to the hacks, then.

1. Touching up your hair with eyeshadow

If you have sparse areas when wearing a ponytail or an updo, you can easily hide them by applying a bit of eyeshadow along your hairline with a brush.

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2. Quick crimping

If you love crimping but feel like it’s taking up too much of your time, just have your hair in braids and run a flat iron along their lengths – the effect will be the same.

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3. Adding volume to your ponytail

If you want a thicker ponytail with more presence, simply stick a couple of pins in its base.

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4. Using a wooden brush

Using a wooden brush with wooden brittles over a longer period of time will imrpove the health and appearance of your hair.

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5. Hide your flyaways

There’s no easier way to put those rebellious flyaways under control than using a bit of hair spray and a spoolie brush.

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